Heorhii Brief

Year of birth 02 February 1885
Place of death Babyn Yar
Date of death September 1941
Location of the stumbling stone Kyiv, Peremohy Avenue, 37. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, building 1
Stumbling stone installation date 8 October 2021

Life story

Heorhii Brief was born on 2 February 1885 in Kyiv. He lived with his parents at 23 Zlatousivska St., Apt. 5.

His father, Karl Louis Robert Brief was a French citizen (born 1860). In the end of 1870s he accepted the Russian citizenship, he was the staff supervisor of Kyiv City Police, according to the personal records of H. Brief. 

His mother’s name was Anna Viktorivna Mozheiko (she was a daughter of a local official). He had a brother Volodymyr Brief (born 20. 07.1887) and a sister Kateryna Brief ( born 24.11.1883). 

He had been attending Kyiv gymnasium # 4 from 20 August till 7 June 1903, where he studied Russian, Latin, German and Greek languages.

From 1903 to 1905 Heorhii had been studied at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute at the Faculty of Engineering. He was expelled for non-payment of tuition fees. Resumed in 1906 and studied till 1914 (did not receive the diploma).  

 According to his autobiography 1909 – 1913 he was working as senior technician and as Chief Engineer Assistant for Sewerage Construction in Kyiv. He also was a Head Assistant of work area for the construction of Chertory workshops of the Railways, Assistant for the construction of a shipyard in Revel, he performed work on the construction and installation of one of the first in Russian Empire factories of artificial silk on the island of Dagö. 

In years 1914 – 1917 Heorhii Brief did the Military service as non-commissioned officer (civilian). 

From 1918 to 1919 he was a senior technician on the Railways.

From December 1921 to January 1929 – teacher of mathematics and physics at the Mechanical Technical School in Kyiv, Director Assistant in educational part, Head of production and training workshops, full-time mathematics and technical mechanics teacher. 

From October 1929 till 1938 – full time teacher at the Polytechnic Institute.

April 1930 – April 1933 – Associate Professor of Mathematics, Inspector of Educational Affairs, Head of the Production and Methodological Sector (educational and organizational assistant) at the Machine-Building Institute.

April 1933 – Acting Deputy Director for Education.

In 1935, Kyiv Industrial Institute submitted a request to the Higher Attestation Commission at the Central Executive Committee of the Soviet Union, Heorhii Brief to be awarded the title of associate professor at the Department of Mathematics without defending a thesis.

He married a Jew, Rosalia Brief. Heorhii and his wife were killed in September 1941 in Babyn Yar. 

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