Rakhil Kozyra

Year of birth 1897
Date of arrest 29.09.1941
Place of death Babyn Yar
Date of death 29.09.1941
Location of the stumbling stone Volodymyrska Street, 1
Stumbling stone installation date 5 October 2021

Life story

She was born on May 5, 1897, in Ihnativka village (Kyiv oblast). According to her granddaughter, we know that her husband Iakov was a Red Army soldier and survived the war. She had two children: daughter Halyna and son Leonid. Children were rescued. She worked as a teacher in school №25. She died at the age of 44.

Links and documents:

Information about saving of Rakhil Kozyra’s children by brother Iakov Ielyseyovych. Andrian, Mariia and Nadiia Kozyrievy. https://righteous.yadvashem.org/?searchType=righteous_only&language=ru&itemId=4041176&ind=1