Ida Tseitlin (Sadovska)

Year of birth 1910
Place of death Babyn Yar
Date of arrest 29.09.1941
Date of death 30.09.1941
Location of the stumbling stone Architect Horodetskyi Street, 1-3/11
Stumbling stone installation date 5 October 2021

Life story

She was born in the family of Naum and Fania Tseitlin. She graduated from Kyiv Conservatory in the class of piano. She met there her husband Mykhaiil Sadovskyi who studied oboe there. On October 13, 1939 they had a daughter named Larysa. She worked as a pianist. Ida’s daughter tells about living in Krasnoarmiyska Street (currently Velyka Vasylkivska). 

Ida and her mother Fania (56 years) were killed in Babyn Yar, and her father Naum (58 years) was shot in the yard of his own house. Ida was heading for Babyn Yar holding an almost two-year child on her hands. On her way there she felt (by words of her daughter) that they were not led to a simple meeting point. She took the advantage of the policeman not seeing her and gave the daughter Larysa to her acquaintance that she noticed by chance beyond the police boundary. So she saved her daughter but was killed in Babyn Yar. This story was told to Larysa by her cousin Ippolit Davydovych Sobol.

Links and documents:

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